Paul Moore

Paul Moore

Paul came to J and K Fit experiencing long term lower back pain. As a professional photographer, he frequently carried over 70 lbs of gear to location shoots, which created chronic back pain. Paul was also plagued by frozen shoulder syndrome – to a point where it wasn’t improving with physical therapy. Years of repetitive motions shoulder height and lower had decreased his shoulder flexibility and caused instability in his shoulder joint. Mostly fit and eating well, Paul wanted to get in the best shape of his life. Having seen the progress his wife Nancy, also a client, had made with us at J and K Fit, Paul wanted to take his therapy and training to the next level and achieve the same results for himself.


While he had been eating healthy, Paul was really under-eating for what his body needed to fuel his multiple hiking sessions, 3-4 training sessions per week, and rehab work on his shoulder. We increased his total grams of protein per day by almost double over the course of the next year to really facilitate the ability to add lean muscle, build his metabolism, and help his body recover and heal itself.

We began with painless movements and started light when training his back and shoulders – the goal being to get a good pump and move a lot of blood into the targeted muscle so we could then perform intense fascia stretching on each body part. Paul’s flexibility was almost nonexistent when beginning, but within a few months he had not only regained full range of motion without pain, but really began to strengthen each muscle and perform any exercise without pain.

Once he felt healed we begin to really push his body. Within six months he was in the best shape of his life. Many times, just to push him and to allow him to see how far he had come, I would pair him with one of my 20-30 year-old clients to show him how great of shape he was in… and he would blow them away!


With focused rehab and exercise we were able to correct his frozen shoulder and strengthen his back to a point where he no longer has any pain in the gym or while hauling his photography gear to all of the outdoor shoots he performs. This was a problem that had bothered him for decades. Paul has added 15 lbs of lean mass to his frame and shed about 10 pounds of body fat. The reason he has been so successful is because his personalized program allowed him to make this a lifestyle and know that consistency is what wins the race.

Paul’s personal training program helped him:

  • Drop 10 lbs body fat
  • Add 15 lbs of lean muscle
  • End years of chronic back pain
  • Restore flexibility and range of motion
  • Achieve and surpass his fitness goal
  • Enjoy his passion of photography pain free

“When I came to J & K Fit I was already in decent shape from power hiking 4-5 times a week and eating a healthy diet, but I wanted to improve my overall strength, with a special emphasis on my upper body. Jeremy came up with a plan for me that revolved around 3 workouts a week for maximum benefit. These workouts are tough, but Jeremy is there every step of the way offering expert instruction, encouragement and a sense of humor. I couldn’t be happier with my progress and training at J & K. Jeremy takes great pride as a personal trainer and the seemingly endless variety of techniques he uses to maximize the workouts attest to his talent and dedication.”

Paul Moore