Nancy Moore

Nancy Moore

Nancy Moore sought a personal trainer to help her improve her overall fitness, while balancing life as a business owner and fixing a slow metabolism. She wanted to feel confident in her clothes. She wanted to combat weakness in her hips and lower back. Nancy shared that her problem areas were her arms and legs, and she wanted to lose fat in those areas. She also needed a release from her stressful job, and someone to keep her accountable.


As a part of her strength training, Nancy did a lot of super-sets to keep her muscles engaged for longer periods of time during workouts. We helped her build up her endurance, and made each subsequent personal training session tougher and tougher, as did she.

Her strength training was complimented by multiple sessions of hiking throughout the weekend.

Her nutrition program added protein to every meal including snacks, where she had often left it out. We set goals for drinking more water each day. She also enjoys the supplements, including the energy bars, graham cracker flavor, because they are a quick and easy snack.


Nancy has made this a lifestyle change. She feels confident in her clothes and maintains a fun and active life! While training with us, Nancy has lost 15 lbs. of fat and put on 13 lbs. of lean mass. She has more balance her life and feels less stressed out! She continues to inspire those around her, and has gotten her husband, Paul, and business partner, Audrey, to all come train with us too!

“In my teens I was a gymnast. In my twenty’s, a runner. But from my thirty’s to mid-fifties, I was a couch potato. It wasn’t until I met Jeremy & Kristin that I ever worked out with weights or machines. WOW! Who knew what a difference weight training is from cardio training? Certainly not me. I was really amazed that I not only lost weight, but how quickly my body toned up. I’ve lost 20 lbs. and gone from size 12 to size 6.

Jeremy and Kristin know what they are doing, and they know just how far to push their clients. They are also very encouraging and supportive. Without them, I would not have the self-discipline to keep up the work. I would encourage ANYONE and EVERYONE to get on a weight training program. You are never too old or too out of shape. And if you are like me, you need Jeremy and Kristin to guide you and motivate you. I am so pleased I signed up!”

Nancy Moore