Mica Underwood

Mica Underwood

Mica wanted to boost her confidence and feeling of self-worth by losing fat and getting leaner, noting her hips and legs as the greatest challenge areas. She had also wanted to fix the neck pain she had been dealing with for many years. She knew that to be successful in achieving her goals she would need accountability and nutritional guidance.


We put Mica on our Gold Standard Program.

During her sessions, we started by strengthening her shoulders, chest and upper back. She was very weak in those areas, coupled with poor flexibility which caused her neck pain. We also mixed in high rep sets during her leg workouts to help create a lean look. Fascial stretching was also a big focus in her workouts. Part of her excercise regmin included a cardio program of 30 mins a day, five days a week.

Mica’s initial body stats indicated 42 lbs. of fat and 104 lbs. of muscle. We tailored a nutrition and supplement program to reach her goal for fat loss. The supplements were ideal in accommodating her busy schedule and helping her stay on track. She shared that favorites included the energy bars, chocolate almond coconut and the strawberry hi-protein powder. A joint supplement of fish oil and evening primrose oil helped eliminate pain in her joints and gave her more energy.


Mica feels more confident than ever and has begun to love her body again! Her results have inspired her to quit smoking and to continue improving her life!

Mica’s personal training program helped her:

  • Lose 14 lbs of fat.
  • Add 11 lbs of lean muscle.
  • Reduce body fat by 9%!
  • Eliminate pain in her neck.
  • Greatly improve flexibility.
  • Restore her self confidence!

“I’m glad to have found J and K Fit! I love the private gym atmosphere, and the focus I receive working one on one with my personal trainer. They have a complete program with exercise, nutrition and supplements that helped me be more healthy, lose weight, look better and like what I see in the mirror! I especially like that the hours work well with my schedule, and that I don’t have to go to gym with everyone looking like the cover of a sports magazine, which can be intimidating. J and K Fit is the perfect fit for me!”

Mica Underwood