Dr. Ford Gatgens

Dr. Ford Gatgens

Dr. Gatgens sought out personal training for a few different reasons. His biggest concern was his back and shoulder pain that he had been suffering with for about a year – caused by previous injuries, and the repetitive motions from his dental practice. Dr. Gatgens enjoyed competing in triathlons in the past, and wanted to get back into great cardiovascular shape. He also wanted to add lean muscle and shed body fat. He had been doing “functional training” for months at another gym, and achieved little results, so he was ready to try something new.


We began with a goal setting “get clear, get focused” empowerment conversation addressing Dr. Gatgen’s overall goals for the upcoming year. This helped us develop a personalized, all-encompassing fitness plan of attack. We performed a body fat test with the calipers, to establish a baseline and use that information to create his personalized nutrition plan, cardio plan, fascia stretching plan, and strength training routine. Our main goals were to correct his weaknesses, add lean muscle, shed fat, and greatly increase his flexibility. The results of his weekly body fat test gave us information on how to adjust each element of his plan on a week to week basis.

The ‘functional training’ routine he had been performing, consisted of bodyweight exercises performed in a circuit, targeting the whole body each week. Dr. Gatgens needed something more direct. We created a training split for his workouts, and trained only a few body parts each session. Doing this allowed us to perform more exercises and volume for each body part. The increase in volume really increased the intensity of the workouts, taking him out of his comfort zone. We also started a rigorous, fascia stretching routine that enabled us to improve recovery, decrease soreness, increase separation and definition of the muscle, and create flexibility like he had never had before. To compensate for the increased intensity of his workouts and to aid in the recovery process, we had to dramatically increase his calories. His body soaked up the extra calories, and it begin to really heal his back and shoulder, as we trained and rehabbed it.


Within the first two months Dr. Gatgens gained full mobility and flexibility of his shoulder and back while no longer experiencing any pain. At that point we increased the intensity of his workouts and started focusing on adding lean muscle by increasing his overall calories about 1,000 per day over the course of 8 months to build his metabolism so that he could strip off body fat.

At the 8th month mark, Dr. Gatgens:

  • Dropped 10% body fat.
  • Went from 225 lbs at 20% body fat to 220 lbs at 10% body fat.
  • Saw a loss of 23 lbs of body fat and a gain of 18 lbs of lean muscle – exactly what his back and shoulder needed to protect them from injury and take the stress of his joints, spine, and tendons to allowing his muscle to bear more of the stress.

“I wanted to find a personal trainer who could help me stay physically sharp and address the back and neck concerns I had which come with the rigors of my profession as a dentist. I love J and K Fit’s approach to evaluation and goal setting from the outset in order to develop an individualized fitness and nutrition plan. I also love the unique equipment and workouts they’ve designed for me. Jeremy and Kristin truly help you exceed what you think you’re capable of both physically and mentally. I couldn’t be happier.”

Dr. Ford Gatgens