Nancy Moore

Nancy Moore sought a personal trainer to help her improve her overall fitness, while balancing life as a business owner and fixing a slow metabolism. She wanted to feel confident in her clothes. She wanted to combat weakness in her hips and lower back. Nancy shared that her problem areas were her arms and legs, and she wanted to lose fat in those areas. She also needed a release from her stressful job, and someone to keep her accountable. Continue reading Nancy Moore

Paul Moore

Paul came to J and K Fit experiencing long term lower back pain. As a professional photographer, he frequently carried over 70 lbs of gear to location shoots, which created chronic back pain. Paul was also plagued by frozen shoulder syndrome – to a point where it wasn’t improving with physical therapy. Years of repetitive motions shoulder height and lower had decreased his shoulder flexibility and caused instability in his shoulder joint. Mostly fit and eating well, Paul wanted to get in the best shape of his life. Having seen the progress his wife Nancy, also a client, had made with us at J and K Fit, Paul wanted to take his therapy and training to the next level and achieve the same results for himself. Continue reading Paul Moore

Dr. Ford Gatgens

Dr. Gatgens sought out personal training for a few different reasons. His biggest concern was his back and shoulder pain that he had been suffering with for about a year – caused by previous injuries, and the repetitive motions from his dental practice. Dr. Gatgens enjoyed competing in triathlons in the past, and wanted to get back into great cardiovascular shape. He also wanted to add lean muscle and shed body fat. He had been doing “functional training” for months at another gym, and achieved little results, so he was ready to try something new. Continue reading Dr. Ford Gatgens