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Equipment Highlights

Fitness Facility

At J and K Fit you’ll find a wide variety of best in class fitness equipment available for your use. We’ve hand-picked each piece – from strength and conditioning equipment including dumbells, free weights and squat stations to cardio equipment like elipticals and treadmills and our state-of-the-art fascial stretching machine. It’s waiting for you!


Incline Arched Bench

Great for advanced lifters and beginners alike, an incline arched bench promotes using the correct position during an entire workout – helping prevent injury while keeping focus on a particular muscle group to fill the chest, which yields faster results. Developing a good arch in your back is one of the most critical components to proper bench press technique. The arch decreases the range of motion of the movement and targets the major chest muscles that you want to work. We’re the only gym in TN with this particular piece of equipment!


Flat Arched Bench

Similar to the benefits provided by an incline arched bench, a flat arched bench press keeps the chest up to isolate the muscles to work, and prevents form cheating. Additionally, our flat arched bench press is extremely adjustable to fit any body type and size. If you’re serious about doing things right, we’ve got the bench press and workout equipment for you.


Belt Squat Machine

At J and K Fit we use our unique belt squat machine to evaluate clients and athletes. The belt squat safely places weight on the hips instead of the spine or lower back, to strengthen legs using heavy weight without taxing the entire body. Using the belt squat also improves cardiovascular performance and allows users to train to failure with little fear of injury. Belt squats are a great way to take a break from the typical squat routine, and our machine is the only one like it in Tennessee!


Fascia Stretch

J and K’s FX stretch machine is one of only 3 in the world – used routinely in between every exercise to stretch and loosen fascia at the right time, with the right intensity, which allows the muscles to do more in every workout. So, our clients can workout harder and longer to get in shape much faster, by getting blood to muscles more than any other stretch position or yoga – while preventing injury, promoting greater stretching for every muscle group, and creating longer, leaner muscle.