Our Approach

At J and K Fit we strive to give our clients personalized attention to meet all of their goals for fitness, health, nutrition, and training. That’s why we created a private gym atmosphere where members can feel relaxed and truly focus on themselves. We want each client to consider their gym a fitness sanctuary – uninterrupted by cell phones and daily demands on their time and attention – and instead experience the stress of their lives released through exercise.

Far more than muscles, our goal is to personally invest in our members and provide the ideal environment where J and K Fit clients and athletes can put their all into the task at hand: completely transforming their bodies.

Equipped with specialized knowledge, scientific research, and 20 years of combined hands-on experience as Certified Personal Trainers (CPT), we love working with a wide spectrum of clientele. From businessmen and women, athletes, body builders, stay-at-home moms, actors, musicians, doctors, dentists, world class horse jumpers, photographers, construction workers, lawyers, nurses, teachers, golfers…. the list goes on, everyone can benefit from the proven J and K Fit personal training approach.

Let us guide you in every aspect of your personal fitness journey at J and K Fit.

Jeremy & Kristin

Elements of Personal Training Success

We help clients change their overall physique by focusing on a complete fitness regimen, by not limiting to one style or technique.

Overall fitness is reached by working on a client’s:

  • Strength: through correcting any muscle imbalances and gaining lean muscle mass.
  • Flexibility: through fascial stretching and massage.
  • Cardiac function: through detailed cardio exercises and instruction.
  • Rehabilitation*: through injury prevention and improved function of old injuries.

*Clients can feel confident in continuing their rehabilitation after discharge from physical therapy at J and K Fit. J and K Fit is familiar with PT protocols and progressions, as well as specific injury limitations.

When it comes to personal fitness transformation, the best place to start is with mental health. We specialize in helping our clients focus mentally, and zero in on their unique goals to change their dreams into reality.

J and K Fit personal training emphasizes several aspects of mental health* including:

  • Mental acuity: through weight lifting clients can improve their focus, memory, concentration, and everyday performance.
  • Education: through valuable knowledge of correct weight lifting practices, proper form and workout safety.
  • Confidence: through personal goal achievement and enhanced self-worth.

*J and K Fit can improve upon or resolve client’s health issue with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergies, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders with their personal approach.

Nutrition is the core factor to fitness success. We take client nutrition education very seriously, and spend hours outside of the gym making personalized diets* for each of our members based on their goals.

Key components of our comprehensive J and K Fit Nutrition Program include:

  • Weekly Body Fat Testing: performed with calipers, we gauge a client’s starting point and ensure success with their personalized diet.
  • Custom Diet Plans: most of the time a client’s caloric intake is increased, guided by a personalized nutrition program from a J and K Fit Certified Personal Trainer.
  • Building Metabolism: with the personalized nutrition program the goal is to reignite the metabolism and enable muscle gain. In gaining lean muscle the function of the metabolism will be restored and result in fat loss. At J and K Fit we take caution in a client’s weight loss.
  • Goal Setting: a healthy weight loss rate for a client is typically for 1-2 lbs of fat loss per week. If a client begins to lose lean muscle mass, we make immediate adjustments to diet.
  • Evolving Diets: we make frequent changes in nutrition programs with body changes to help clients reach their goals.
  • Specific Instruction: nutrition coaching and specialized diet programs can be highly detailed, such as what to eat down to the exact ounce every meal of the day, for example.

*With over 20 years of combined experience as personal trainers, we know how to correctly adjust a client’s nutrition program when their diet stops working.

J and K Fit personal trainers push their clients, making every single rep count. Strength training programs* are designed and implemented in a strategic way based on the individual needs and goals of each member client.

At the heart of every J and K Fit personal training session you’ll find:

  • Workout Variety: varying exercises at each session keeps training fun and to promotes muscle confusion which produces quicker results.
  • Education: we give clients confidence to exercise or lift correctly when traveling or doing independent workouts away from the gym.
  • Proper Form: detailed workouts promote correct form and prevent injury. We monitor and spot every rep to ensure client safety.

*J and K Fit Certified Personal Trainers provide a variety of fitness training styles and offer a number of specialized services to their clients. Additionally, if you have a preference to work with a male or female personal trainer, please don’t hesitate to make a request.