Strength Training & Conditioning

J and K Fit provides sport-specific strength training and conditioning programs for individual athletes and teams to take their physical abilities to the next level. As an important part of an overall fitness regiment, our strength training program is designed to help members gradually increase muscular strength with the use of resistance methods including free weights, body weight and fitness equipment.

Strength Training

Strength training helps muscles grow by breaking down muscle tissue and causing it to heal and rebuild back stronger than before. As additional reps and weight are added over time, glycogen storage in the muscle is increased resulting in larger muscle size and performance.

Strength training has a number of health benefits, including developing greater bone density, increasing metabolism and burning fat, boosting stamina and heart function, improving cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and improving balance and coordination.

As part of our strength training program, we also focus on fitness conditioning by applying proper exercise to progressively improve endurance and allow athletes to perform physical activities with greater ease.

What You Can Expect:

At J and K Fit, we help athletes get stronger and better conditioned for their specific sport by increasing the force output of the muscle through incremental heavy lifting and a variety of exercises designed to target specific muscle groups. We concentrate on improving strength, agility, flexibility, quickness, mental acuity, and confidence building.

J and K Fit trainers are also available for team training, with specialized services including team/individual nutrition programs, strength training programs, fascia stretching programs, and cardio programs. J and K Fit trainers can then teach the programs to coaches or train teams and individuals. We can also provide produced athlete videos (by permission) to aid in college or team recruitment.

Our Strength Training and Conditioning program includes:

  •  Sport specific weight lifting exercises
  •  Individual strength training
  •  Team training programs
  •  Proper form instruction
  •  Expert, hands-on spotting & support
  •  Fitness and nutrition education
  •  Athlete specific nutrition & supplement program
  •  Off-season, pre-season & in-season training

“I wanted to improve my overall strength, with a special emphasis on my upper body. I couldn’t be happier with my progress and training at J & K. Jeremy takes great pride as a personal trainer and the seemingly endless variety of techniques he uses to maximize the workouts attest to his talent and dedication. The results have been nothing short of amazing!”

Paul Moore