Online Personal Training

Online personal training is ideal for non-local individuals looking for the convenience, education and accountability of one-on-one, personal training without the physical on-site commitment for success. At J and K Fit we provide online coaching for a number of clients that live out of town and even states away from our west Nashville, TN fitness facility.

Online Personal Training

Geography is not a barrier for achieving fitness results when a client is committed to the process. And yes, online personal training really does work! It gives our clients the flexibility to work out on their own schedule, at home or on the road, and take advantage of consistent communication to keep motivated and keep on track with their personalized fitness program.

What You Can Expect:

At J and K Fit, we begin by assessing your current fitness level and understanding your goals and motivators as we would for local members. Likewise, we document exercise and health history as a starting point and benchmark for your specific personal training program, and discuss your opportunities for exercise – whether with weights at home, swimming at the hotel on the road, or cardio somewhere in between.

Our online personal training program outlines a weekly nutrition and workout schedule for each client, and includes an end-of-the- week follow up call or skype conference to provide feedback and discuss next steps. We check-in frequently and are available via text to address questions or concerns about diet or specific recommended exercises.

Our Online Personal Training program includes:

  • Fitness goals & equipment / weights access discussion
  • Current fitness assessment
  • Personalized weekly workouts
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Program adjustments weekly as needed
  • Personalized cardio program
  • Guidance on reaching goals
  • Motivation and accountability
  • Fitness and nutrition education
  • A detailed nutrition program
  • A supplement program
  • Healthy recipes
  • Constant support and communication
  • Anytime text availability
  • Scheduled call & skype video conferences

J and K Fit offers and recommends one free personal training session to all individuals interested in committing to our fitness services.

“Jeremy and Kristin know what they are doing. They know how far to push their client. They are encouraging and supportive. Without them, I would not have the self-discipline to keep up the work. I would encourage ANYONE and EVERYONE to get on a weight training program. You are never too old or too out of shape. And if you are like me, you need Jeremy and Kristin to guide you and motivate you. I am so pleased I signed up!”

Nancy Moore