Nutrition Coaching

You’ve heard it since grade school, and nothing about it has changed: proper nutrition is fundamental to achieving fitness success, as healthy eating and physical fitness go hand in hand. Nutrition impacts your ability to gain mass or get lean, as well as address blood pressure, cholesterol, and a number of other health conditions. Proper nutrition and eating healthy is the foundation to experiencing better exercise workouts and achieving better fitness results.

Nutrition Coaching

What You Can Expect:

The fact is that many clients come to us with misinformation or a misunderstanding of nutrition – cutting carbs and eating too few calories in an effort to lose weight, for example, keeping calories high without losing metabolism and making them more prone to injury. At J and K Fit we have the expertise to help members effectively manage diets specific to their personal goals, sport, and endurance requirements (such as beginning of season, during season, post-season, etc.) and achieve positive results quickly.

We help you establish healthy eating habits. We provide guidance and accountability, with practical nutrition programs and specialized diets you can stick to and enjoy based on your preferences (including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free) and fitness goals. Our personalized nutrition coaching ensures you receive the right balance of foods you need to run farther, lose weight, build muscle, travel more or be more active with grandkids.

We can also provide a custom supplement program that could include energy bars, powders and protein shakes – even cookies, brownies and other delicious low-carb sweets! Our line of Parillo performance products is a great way to get the proteins, carbs, vitamins and minerals your body needs without gimmicks and fad diets.

Our Nutrition Coaching & Consultation includes:

  •  Weekly weigh-in and body fat testing
  •  Personalized nutrition program
  •  Personalized supplement program
  •  Weight loss strategies
  •  Weight gain strategies
  •  Weekly nutrition program adjustments
  •  Healthy recipes & meal planning
  •  Diet tips & recommendations
  •  Motivation & accountability
  •  Trainer access via text and calls