Fascia Stretching

Fascia is a fibrous connective tissue within the body that surrounds muscles and other soft tissues and has a rubber band-like quality. Deep Fascia (or muscle fascia) surrounds (or encloses) individual muscles and muscle groups. Pound for pound, it is stronger than steel. When the muscles in your body are elongated through activity and exercise, fascia returns the body to its original position.

Fascia Stretching

Fascia is responsible for:

  • Holding muscle together and keeping it in the correct place
  • Separating muscles to work independently of one another
  • Allowing muscles to move smoothly against each other

Inactivity, injury and excessive repetitive movements through sports and exercise increase the density or mass of the fascia and can impair movement and circulation. This fascia build up holds the body in a damaged position, resulting in limited flexibility and muscle stiffness.

Fascial stretching, also referred to as Fascial Stretch Therapy or Resistance Flexibility Training, uses resistance while stretching, and is designed to break down deep fascia and restore flexibility and proper range of motion. Traditional stretching methods that do not leverage resistance actually produce more fascia. Removing excessive dense muscle fascia helps free muscles to develop and facilitates normal skeletal and rotational relationships.

What You Can Expect:

At J and K Fit, we use fascial stretching between each exercise during a personal training workout to develop muscles further and increase flexibility. We are proud to have a unique FX stretch machine – one of only three in the world like it – at our west Nashville fitness facility for individuals wanting to address any muscle stiffness, neck and back pain, muscle imbalances, difficulty gaining muscle density, and flexibility problems.

We also provide one-hour fascial stretching sessions designed to concentrate on specific conditions and client needs.

Our Fascial Stretching Session includes:

  • One hour sessions
  • Hands-on personal attention
  • FX Stretch Machine
  • Light warm up exercises before each fascia stretch
  • Myofascial massage as needed
  • Foam roll massage performed as needed

J and K Fit offers and recommends one free personal training session to all individuals interested in committing to our fitness services.

“Previous test results from my doctor showed my cholesterol was not doing great. I felt weak, without energy and out of shape. After a year working with Jeremy, I am in the best shape of my life. My latest annual physical shows everything is back to normal and looking great. I would highly recommend Jeremy to anyone, from the young athlete to the average person who is looking to become healthy, loose a few pounds, and to have the accountability and motivation that a trainer of his caliber brings to the table.”

Andres Victoria