Competitive Fitness Training

We work with a number of competitive fitness athletes who need specialized workouts and nutrition programs for bodybuilding, figure, physique, fitness, or bikini competitions. At J and K Fit we are experienced in not only creating custom training programs, but also with final week and day-of competition preparation.

Competitive Fitness Training

While many of our competitive fitness members are motivated on their own to work out and compete, they rely on the experts at J and K Fit for leadership in executing a personalized program, reassurance to stay the course, correct guidance and training collaboration. We help these clients focus on weaknesses and personal history to better learn their own bodies, change their diet as needed (many competitors over diet, for example, causing them to look flat or emaciated), become lean and build metabolism with proper calories, and make smart fitness decisions overall to maximize their competitive fitness efforts.

What You Can Expect:

Out trainers will work with you to build a program for success that takes into account your schedule and available time for exercise each week, time needed to rest, current fitness level and specific competition goals. We apply a combination of weight training, cardio exercises and nutrition planning (such as a high protein, low fat/carb pre-contest diet) to help you shape and gain mass, while ensuring training consistency, proper form and motivation every step of the way.

Our Competitive Fitness Training includes:

  • Weekly weigh-in and body fat testing with calipers
  • Personalized nutrition program
  • Personalized supplement program
  • Personalized cardio program
  • Final week competition preparation
  • Fascia stretching between exercises
  • Fascial planning (create muscle separation)
  • Posing instruction & practice

Try It For Free!

J and K Fit offers and recommends one free personal training session to all individuals interested in committing to our fitness services.

“I was very athletic growing up and in college. After graduation, I started teaching and just couldn’t find the time to invest in myself with the same gusto I invested in my children. I realized something had to change. After just a week of training with Jeremy and of eating according to the nutrition plan, I already felt more energetic. Over the last six months, I have lost fat and put on muscle, and gained the self-confidence I had misplaced over the years. Jeremy and Kristen are more than just trainers – they invest themselves in clients’ well-being and happiness.”

Brittany Tharrington