About J and K Fit

J and K Fit is a private fitness and personal training facility located in west Nashville, TN. We serve the Greater Nashville metro area including Franklin and Brentwood, and have clients from a number of surrounding middle Tennessee cities and counties. We even have clients who take advantage of our online personal training services remotely from states away. At J and K Fit we specialize in hands-on, one-on-one personal training sessions for athletes and clients of all ages and ability. Started by certified personal trainers Jeremy Hughes and Kristin Fenoglio, J and K Fit offers the perfect environment and approach to succeed.

Fitness, Not Fads

With so many flavors of exercise and fitness programs available, we’re frequently asked what makes us different. We welcome the opportunity to explain just a few of the highlights that set us apart:

    We have created an ideal atmosphere where members can focus on working out without the distraction of a crowded gym or waiting for fitness equipment to become available.
    As a member of J and K Fit, you will enjoy 60 minute, hands-on personal training sessions which include a variety of exercises and strength training routines to actually improve muscle, prevent injury and create change. Other gyms and trainers typically offer only 30-45 minute sessions, focused primarily on supervised run-and-gun cardio. This approach just can’t compete when it comes to overall fitness results that you’ll achieve with a more comprehensive, lengthier workout you’ll find at J and K Fit.
    We separate cardio from strength and conditioning and stretching by design. It’s important to challenge yourself and lift heavy in order to lose weight and gain muscle mass (there’s a misconception that lifting less and doing more reps is the right strategy). By doing so, you get the look and proper fitness that you want instead of just a smaller, lighter version of yourself.
    We compliment our fitness workout sessions with comprehensive diet & nutrition management based on individual goals of each member, and offer an industry leading supplement program which includes a wide variety of vitamins, protein products and even healthy sweets!
    When we started J and K Fit, we made a significant investment in a variety of fitness equipment, hand-picked to meet the unique needs of our clients – with some pieces like our state-of-the-art FX stretch machine being one of only three in the world!
    At J and K Fit we’re brutally (and refreshingly!) honest about personal fitness success. We’re not going to lie – it takes a lot of hard work, mental toughness, and accountability. As certified personal trainers we are heavily invested in the overall success of our clients – success we share through a hands-on, tried and true approach to strength and conditioning through years of experience without fads or shortcuts. But don’t just take our word for it. We encourage you to read and hear from several of our valued clients with whom we’ve had the honor to transform through personal training.