One on One Personal Fitness Training

As a member of J and K Fit, you will enjoy personalized hour long sessions focused on strength training, muscle building and endurance.

Online Personal Training

Call and video conferencing provides motivation, education, and personal accountability.

Strength and Conditioning

Get sport-specific focus on strength, agility, flexibility, mental acuity, and confidence building.

Fascial Stretching

Address muscle stiffness or imbalances, neck and back pain, and flexibility problems using our state of the art FX stretch machine.

Competitive Fitness Training

Customized fitness training for bodybuilding, figure, physique, fitness, or bikini competitions.

Nutrition Coaching

We provide personal nutrition plans, recipies, diet tips, weekly body fat testing and accountability.

More Power. More Flexibility

J and K Fit certified personal trainers push their clients, making every single rep matter. Comprehensive fitness training programs are designed and implemented in a strategic way specific to your unique health goals.

At the heart of every private personal training session you’ll experience a variety of exercises, accompanied by fitness education and proper form technique to ensure safety and maximum benefit.

Ready to get started? Your personal fitness journey awaits at J and K Fit.

We create a completely customized fitness program that’s right for you based on your goals and the specific results you wish to receive. You can always expect expert fitness training and personalized attention in our relaxed, private gym setting in west Nashville. As a client of J and K Fit you can also expect:

  • A detailed nutrition program.
  • A personalized cardio program.
  • Body Fat Testing performed weekly.
  • A supplement program.
  • Healthy recipes.
  • Constant support and communication.

Carl H., Competitive Bodybuilder

“J and K Fit is unlike any other personal training experience I’ve encountered. The range of exercise programs has helped me develop a much better and more balanced overall physique, but also helped me become more mentally focused in preparation for competition and everyday living. It’s a great investment – Jeremy is a fantastic and knowledgeable trainer to work with and I am progressing much faster than I would on my own. I highly recommend J and K Fit!

Amanda P., VP Sales

“As a sales executive for a large healthcare provider, finding the time and motivation to stick to a fitness routine can be challenging. Kristin has been instrumental in helping me stay accountable to the goals I’ve set for myself, to the point of checking in on a recent week-long sales trip to encourage me and make sure I stay on track with eating right and exercising. That makes all the difference and helps me stay committed.

David & Eileen S., Retirees

“We’ve always enjoyed an active lifestyle. Now that we have more time to play golf and tennis and travel abroad, we want to make sure that we eat well and exercise regularly to avoid injury and enjoy optimal health to do all the activities we enjoy. J and K Fit has helped us design a fitness and nutrition program specific to our hobbies and likes, and keeps us engaged for continued success. We love the personal attention and flexibility they accomodate with our travel schedule. You’ll love it here!

J and K Fit is a private gym in west Nashville, TN that provides expert personal fitness training and nutrition coaching for men and women in Franklin, Brentwood and the Greater Nashville areas. Come check us out and get started today!


  • Personal Fitness Training
  • Online Personal Training
  • Fascial Stretching
  • Personalized Nutrition Programs
  • Competitive Fitness Training
  • Strength and Conditioning